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Episode 8: The Return On Investing In Yourself And Your Business with Jenn Kennedy

In this Episode, I chat (and have lots of laughs) with Jenn Kennedy about living in your power, the importance of money mindset, being authentic and not ashamed of your successes, the return on investing in yourself, the beauty of not knowing it all, having more fun, and having a 50/50 split of business and woo woo.  

Jenn Kennedy is an entrepreneur, coach, speaker, and CEO of Impact to Income. After 8 years as an Elementary Teacher and 6 years as a Principal in training, she now teaches impact-driven coaches how to both start and scale their online businesses through her programs. The foundation of her happiness and success is built on her mindset, her relentless drive to impact people’s lives, and her daily practice to have more fun. She fully believes that we are all here to create an impact in the world. She’s on a mission to guide men and women to live in their true personal and financial power and live the life they dream of.

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Key topics from this episode:

8:43-Living in your power

16:05- Money mindset

21:12- Stop being ashamed

25:45- The return on investing in yourself

33:15- Being a lifelong learner

42:13- Having more fun

50:10- 50% woo woo and 50% business 

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