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Episode 7: Turning Your Passion Into A Paycheck with Cassie Everson-Martin

In this episode, I talk with Cassie Everson- Martin, Owner of Wanderlust Skulls, about being an entrepreneur in a small town, building an 6 figure online art business, the importance of being resilient after hearing no’s, what it’s like to go viral, figuring it out as you go, and how she turned her passion into a paycheck.  

Cassie Everson-Martin is a wife, momma, 6 Figure Art-preneur, life experience and connection enthusiast that passionately pursues her life calling daily, as an artist. Cassie has successfully built a 6 Figure art business in the last 4 years with a unique twist to artistry, skull art. Her art has been sent all over the world and country to be loved as heirloom art pieces that fill a home and inspire thousands. Cassie is from my home town in West Salem, Wisconsin so this was really fun for me to be able to connect with her!

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Key topics from this episode:

6:50- It’s OK to figure it out as you go

9:40- Filling up your own cup

14:20- Hurdles in business

19:51- Hearing no’s

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