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Episode 9: How Your Resilience and Uniqueness Define Your Success with Alisha Pennington

In this Episode, I have the opportunity to talk with Alisha Pennington about creating a 7 figure staffing business, scaling vs growing your business, how important it is to get back up when you fall, seeing the value in your unique skillset, finding a proof of concept before jumping in, understanding how unique your message is, the value of having a good mindset in business, and what advice she would give to someone struggling to see what they have to offer.

With 2 degrees in sports medicine, Alisha started her own athletic training staffing company in 2012 amidst a recession. She grew it to a million dollar company, and developed a podcast out of it, THEN leveraged her knowledge to speak on regional and national stages, and now is taking everything she knows to coach other small businesses on how to replicate her success.

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Key topics from this episode:

9:33- Scaling vs. growing

17:25- Grow from your mistakes

25:41- Seeing the value in your skillset

26:30- You need a proof on concept

30:50- Your message is unique

33:00- Mindset in business

38:50- People buy from people

44:00- Advice to someone struggling to see what they offer

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