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Episode 4: Finding Our Purpose and Using It As Fuel with Dr. Jade Teta

In this Episode, I have the opportunity to speak with Dr. Jade Teta who talks about finding your purpose in life and letting that fuel you through the struggle, how pain creates the most clear purpose, the idea that success and happiness does not just how up but is earned and created, jumping before we are ready and not waiting to be perfect, and the continued search for the next thing that scares us in order to grow.

Dr. Jade Teta is an integrative physician, author, and expert in the realm of natural health, fitness, metabolism and self-development. He has worked in the fitness and weight loss fields for over 25 years, and is also the co-founder of the international health, fitness, and weight loss company, Metabolic Effect. He writes and lectures extensively on the subjects of lifestyle, medicine, natural health, and mindset change to both healthcare professionals and the public. His latest book is a daily meditation on making life changes and based on his 6 Powers. You have probably heard or seem his name being featured in countless publications or on his extremely informational social media platform.

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Key topics from this episode:

6:55-7:24: We can choose to be whatever we want

8:58- 9:44: Pain creates purpose

10:05-11:10: Success and happiness do not just show  up

37:41-38:41: Do no wait for perfection

41:58-43:01: Being afraid is a good sign

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Links from this episode:

Free Programs: jadeteta.com/store1

Exercise Programs: drjade.com/metabolic-renewal

Exercise Programs: drjade.com/metabolic-prime

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