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Episode 3: Turning Your Purpose Into a Top-Earning Career with Gaurav Valani

In this episode we get to hear from Gaurav Valani, CEO and Founder of CareerSprout, about building a $72 million dollar company, enjoying the process of designing your life and growing your business, the importance of personal development in your business, and staying true to your “why’s” in life.

Gaurav Valani has been in the Career Coaching, Talent Development space for over 12 years. After graduating in 2006, Gaurav had 10 different dead end jobs in 6 years before finally “figuring it out.” In 2012 Gaurav took his first stab at Entrepreneurship by co-founding TrueBridge Resources, a staffing agency that he and his cofounders grew to $72M prior to acquisition. He then went onto become the VP of Talent Acquisition of Overstock.com. Gaurav is also the Founder of CareerSprout, which is a career coaching company that teaches people how to build meaningful careers by landing high-paying jobs that align with their career values.

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Key topics from this episode:

10:41- What is your why?

13:12- Nothing lasts forever. Good or bad.

14:26- There is always a time and place for hustle

16:47- Enjoying the journey

19:59- Why we are good or bad at sales

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