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Episode 2: Creating a 7 Figure Business by Building your Personal Brand with Natalie Rogers

In this episode I speak with Natalie Rogers, CEO & Founder of Klassy Network. She shares with us the importance of creating an online presence for your business, the value in being the face of your own brand, the importance of outsourcing in order to scale your business, the difference between revenue and profit, and how tasting success as such a young age lead to a life of motivation and drive.

Natalie Rogers is a 25-year old female entrepreneur from Orlando, FL. She started her first business at 18 years old and has been in love with entrepreneurship ever since. Natalie successfully built and exited her first company by the age of 24 and is now most-known for being the Founder and CEO of Klassy Network, a 7-figure e-commerce brand that combines function and fashion. KN sells stylish blue light blocking eyewear, apparel, and accessories for ambitious women. Each Klassy Network product is created to not only serve a purpose, but also level up your style. Natalie continues to grow her brand while inspiring others to live out their dreams along the way!

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Key topics from this episode:

9:13- What is your “zone of genius”?

21:07- What drives you to grow

24:30- We all suck at first

30:12- Profit vs revenue

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