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Episode 5: Discovering Your Niche and Creating Authentic Content with Case Kenny

 In this episode I chat with entrepreneur and mindset coach, Case Kenny, about creating original, true to yourself, and no fluff content, focusing on what we know instead of what we do not, being a normal dude who turned his mindset into an 7 figure online business, being 100% authentic and embracing your uniqueness, and the importance to celebrating your wins.

Case Kenny is a podcaster, recording artist, and author from Chicago, IL. He is the host of the Apple Podcasts top 100 podcast “New Mindset, Who Dis” and the author of the best selling journal “The 60 Day New Mindset Journal “and “Single Is Your Superpower”. Case has built a loyal following on multiple social media platforms by bringing a no BS approach to mindfulness that is often hard to find. I personally have become a big fan of his podcast so I was REALLY excited about this interview!

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Key topics from this episode:

4:52-5:50- Saying what people want to hear

6:39-7:01- Staying true to yourself

10:34- 11:57- Focus on what you already know

29:48-30:23- Keys to growing an online biz

40:22-41:03- Embracing your weirdness

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@case.kenny (IG) @thecasekenny (Twitter)

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