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Episode 22: Becoming Visible with Lauren Salaun

In this episode, I talk with PR expert, Lauren Salaun about the importance of PR and visibility as an entrepreneur, prioritizing yourself and building your business around that, the ever changing life of an entrepreneur, her transition into entrepreneurship, and her advice to anyone struggling to find new clients.

Lauren Salaun is a PR and marketing consultant, media personality, speaker, entrepreneur, and podcast host. She is a former health coach, personal trainer, fitness model, and competitor. After years of hustling, running multiple businesses at one time, but not seeing the results she knew she truly deserved, Lauren decided to go all-in and own her mission. And that’s when everything changed. Now, she runs a PR + Influencer marketing agency called Influence And Impact and is the founder of The PR Accelerator, where she helps entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, personal development, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle industries to increase their authority and visibility, so they can scale their income and impact with ease.

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Key topics from this episode:


PR & visibility strategies

Laurens transition into entrepreneurship

Things take time


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