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Episode 20: Affiliate Marketing: The Best Thing I Ever Did For My Business with Lauren Maxwell

Lauren is the Brand Partnership Manager for Organifi. Organifi is a line of organic superfood blends that offer plant-based nutrition with high quality ingredients, but more than just a superfood company – it’s a lifestyle. With roots in transformation coaching, Organifi discovered the power of mindset and community in creating sustainable change! Lauren is the networking ninja behind the brand partnerships and brand ambassador program and she thrives on building relationships and tight knit communities! I wanted to have lauren on here today to talk all things ambassador and affiliate program creation!

In this episode, I chat with the mastermind behind the Organifi affiliate program, Lauren Maxwell. Lauren and I talk about how she built the Organifi program, the importance of building communities for your brand, the ROI on investing in your affiliate program, and relationship capital being the most valuable thing we can acquire.

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Key topics from this episode:

3:30- Laurens start with Organifi

9:20- Community 

13:45- Keeping affiliates happy and authentic

19:45- Going all in on your affiliate program

25:00- Relationship building

33:26- Team building



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