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Episode 13: You Can’t Get To 2nd With Your Foot Still On 1st with Craig Siegel

In this Episode, I speak with the Founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony, Craig Siegel, about transitioning from a comfortable career to being an entrepreneur, understanding your worth and how that converts to money, going all in on your business or major life decision, the power of mindset work, how scary obstacles turn to exciting challenges, living in regret or  chasing your dreams, and Craig even guides me to a breakthrough. 

Craig Siegel pivoted from his lucrative, stable job to pursue his absolute passion and purpose in life, helping people become their best selves. He is the Founder of Cultivate Lasting Symphony, a movement that has resonated with the masses, facilitating transformations to become the next-level, 2.0 version of yourself. He is a Mindset Coach, Speaker, Performance Enhancer and Breakthrough Manufacturer.

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Key topics from this episode:

4:22- Journey to their success

11:00- Leaning how to pivot

13:50- Is your vision too small?

17:00- Forbes 30 under 30

22:29- Just go after it

39:00- Personal development

Follow Craig Siegel:

Instagram: @CraigSiegel_CLS

YouTube Channel: Craig Siegel

Facebook: Craig Siegel and Private Facebook Group: Cultivate Lasting Symphony

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