19th Ave New York, NY 95822, USA

Lindsay Sullivan


How long have you been a Sweat CBD affiliate?

8 Months

Current hometown

Harrisville, RI

Originally from

Holliston, MA

What’s a quote or piece of advice that you try to live by?

“What’s the worst that can happen”? I always use this!

Superpower (one of your best qualities/skills)

I’m most proud of my ability to connect with people and meet them where they are at.

One thing on your bucket list
I feel most at home in nature. I really would love visit some National Parks. First up is Zion National Park in Utah!
Personal Anthem (a song that really speaks to you)

How am I supposed to pick one song!? My mom is a musician so I’ve always felt extremely connect with music. I think I could probably pick a song from every decade and say it’s my personal anthem. I love classical music as well.

Last text message you sent

Happy Birthday to my best friend.

What was your first job?

Scooping ice cream…It was the best.

Any unusual hobbies?

I love to knit and craft.

What is one of the best pieces of advice you’ve ever received & why?

You always have a choice. One choice may be harder but you always have an option. I think it’s important to know we can always grow and change. Humans are so resilient if only people would give themselves the chance.

Biggest Pet Peeve

Not taking accountability for your actions.

Tell us the story of how you first discovered CBD. What inspired you to try it?

I first learned about CBD after 15 years of migraines and after having a severe injury to my back in 2018. I was in so much pain and also trying to move through a lot of anger because of the back injury. It was a chiropractic accident where the chiropractor fractured and ruptured 3 discs in my thoracic. The chiropractor promptly distanced himself from me to avoid litigation. I was desperate to feel better and knew I needed to heal mentally and physically and that is when I started to look into CBD.

What inspired you to become part of the Sweat CBD affiliate program?

The results I got from Sweat CBD were incredible. Sweat CBD did not fix my back but it allowed me to start strengthening my back around the injury to help stabilize my spine. Until then I had been in too much pain to even rehab. Sweat CBD also helped me process and move forward with the emotions I felt from having an incident like this. It also helped my prevent and manage my chronic migraines. I joined the program because I wanted to share how Sweat CBD dramatically improved my quality of life.

What is your favorite thing about the Sweat CBD affiliate program?

Sweat CBD is always helping us grow and learn with monthly training. There’s a community aspect with it and that’s very different than any other affiliate program I have been a part of.

Tell us your best piece(s) of advice/tips for being a successful Sweat CBD affiliate seller?

Share your story…be authentic. Listen to others!

What is your favorite Sweat CBD product?

The gummies!

Tell us more about your work/life outside of being a Sweat CBD affiliate. (Are you a business founder? A stay-at-home mom? What was your former career path? Are you a full-time affiliate seller? If not, what else do you do?)

I am a mom and a wife! and also the Founder & CEO of Lindsay Sullivan Skincare. I am an esthetician and I specialize in Acne Management. I’ve been in skincare for ten years and feel called to help people achieve clear skin.

What is one of the greatest challenges you have personally faced in your career? (Or if you’re willing, share a story of a time you screwed up & how you recovered!)

I’ve had TONS of screw ups! Too many to list…I would say my biggest challenge is balancing home and work…it’s a never ending balancing act.

Let’s look in the rear-view mirror. What is one thing you have accomplished in the past year (either personally or professionally) that you are most proud of?

Being a great mom. Hands down. When I am home with my son I am ALL IN…to see how happy, silly, curious and polite he is is the best reward in the world.

Now, let’s look into the future. What is one major milestone that you would like to accomplish in the next year?

More self-care…It often gets moved to the bottom of the list.

Can you tell us about a time when you took a huge risk/did something you were scared to do, and it totally paid off? (Personal or professional)

I quit a super comfortable job with benefits at a spa to open my own skincare studio. I was told “I would never get better than this” from my employer…I’m happy to say I did not listen to that advice and I quit. I have grown my business over three years, won awards, helped many people and substantially increased my quality of life and income.

How do you feel you’re making a positive impact and generating change through SweatCBD and/or your work?

For my work I am helping women feel more comfortable in their skin. When women feel better and more confident they are more likely to walk toward their goals. I’m so thankful for the opportunity to help them. Sharing Sweat CBD is just another way to help you feel more like your authentic self.

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