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Episode 18: Lessons In Building Your Brand with Joey Speers

Most businesses fail to clarify who they are and the answer to confusion is always no. Joey Speers builds brands the world falls in love with, resulting in increased revenue and fulfilment. Joey is a 2x entrepreneur, podcast host and investor. He founded his creative agency as a personal brand in 2013. His agency is committed to building brands the world falls in love with. Recently, he created a new venture called Creativ Rise – an on-demand business platform to help artists break the creative struggle. Joey and I met in a mastermind and was immediately impressed by the insights he had into both the creative and strategic sides of building a business. Joey, thanks so much for coming on here today I am super excited for this conversation.

In this episode, entrepreneur and brand expert, Joey Speers and I, talk about his journey into entrepreneurship at 14 years old, he breaks down how to find your brand identity and build a brand with clarity, letting your brand story guide you, embracing the burnout, and building your business around your life.

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Key topics from this episode:

Joeys intro into entrepreneurship 

Building a brand with clarity

Your brand story

The 3 steps to identifying your brand

Building your business around your life

Accepting burnout



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