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Episode 15: Lessons In Life and Business with MY DAD!

This episode is my most important guest, MY DAD, Mike Gorniak. My dad and I talk about his roundabout journey into entrepreneurship, about the difference in entrepreneurship today vs when he was younger, I ask him if he has any regrets in his life, the advice he has for me in life or business, and then we close out by learning a little about why he knew I would be who I am today at a young age. There are some tears, some laughs, and a lot of happiness in this episode!

My dad and I have always had a very special relationship. He nicknamed me Bug when I was little because the only place I would sleep was on his chest. My dad has been a parent who has guided me, taught me, and protected me, my coach in sports, and in my teenage and adult years he has become a best friend. Since I was little my dad has instilled the value of hard work in me and he may not have known it but watching him work as hard as he did for our family everyday is the reason I feel I have the work ethic that I do. My dad worked his way up in a company that he worked at for 20+ years, gave that up to open his own bar, and is now thriving as his own boss in his gaming company that allows him the flexibility and time he deserves.

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Key topics from this episode:

3:10- My Dads story and work ethic

9:30- The value is trust with customers

14:00- Looking back at the last 3 years

22:00- Life and business advice

29:00- Me as a child

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