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Episode 10: Getting Real About Self Validation and The Importance Of Confidence with Stacy Gissal

In this Episode, I get real and raw with confidence expert, Stacy Gissal. We talk about letting how we look control our impact on the world, looking for validation or “success” in all the wrong places, why I (did not even realize) felt the need to validate myself, being excited about growth and new challenges, rewriting our stories, and developing awareness of the way we think.

Stacy once let her own lack of confidence get in the way of making the impact she knew she was meant to make in the world! The hard truth she had to realize is that it didn’t matter how much she accomplished, if something didn’t change within herself, if she didn’t decide to re-write her story, own who she is, and the value she brings to the world, than she was never going to be able to live out her purpose or her soul contract she was put on this earth to fulfill!

Now, it is her mission to help other women get out of their own way so THEY can use THIER gifts to change the world. Stacy wants a world where women aren’t afraid to show up because they know exactly why they were put on this earth, and they have the confidence to take bold action and carry out that mission! Stacy has spread this message while going from nutrition coach to confidence coach and I am so excited for her to share her mindset as a coach and knowledge as a business owner with us today.

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Key topics from this episode:

6:11- Letting our looks control our impact

10:30- Looking for validation in the wrong places

18:40- A story about why I need validation

22:19- Being excited about the challenge

31:00- Seek out your own definition of success

41:22- Rewriting your story

50:38- Stepping out of your fear bubble

54:50- Awareness and putting in the work

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